Welcome to M@MK, the successor to the successful “Wintergatan Community Meetup 2023”
When: From Friday, 09.08.24 10am to Sunday, 11.08.24 4pm.
Where: Am Rottland 6, 65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein, Deutschland Event Halls from "Siegfrieds Mechanisches Musikkabinett“ former Asbach area, opposite the train station.

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M@MK is the successor to the successful “Wintergatan Community Meetup 2023”. After last year's success and the overwhelming positive feedback from participants from all over the world, it quickly became clear that we couldn't just leave it at this one event. Encouraged and inspired by the great people we got to know this weekend, “Meetup @ Musikkabinett” was born.

A trade fair for creators, fans, technology and music enthusiasts.

We wish to bring people together, as was the case last year. People with similar interests and passions. Great, special personalities who should feel right at home this weekend. In the midst of like-minded people: arrive, be who you are and enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

Discover projects from other hobbyists and creative people. Talk to like-minded people. Celebrate the uniqueness of the community. Take part in interesting lectures on a wide range of topics. Enjoy breaks together, with delicious food and drinks at fair prices, without having to leave the scene. Sign up for workshops, such as a photography workshop or a DnD session.

Secure a place at popular events such as the workshop tour or a special tour by the Wendel siblings. Games and fun shouldn't be neglected either. A games corner with various games and a chess tournament are being planned.

Outside the event area, you can take part in a tour of Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet and sign up for a tour on the Winzerexpress through Rüdesheim am Rhein, which, among other things, reports on winegrowing and the history of Rüdesheim.

Or become part of the event yourself, present, create and build on your own project, be an exhibitor, speaker or lead your own workshop. M@MK the hands-on fair! Do you have a project, a passion that you want to share with the community? Then contact us, become an exhibitor, speaker, lead a workshop and much more. Do you have an idea, but don't know whether it's possible to implement it within this framework? Contact us and we will look for a solution together. Use this form to submit your idea.